MRV TERESCOPE Features Alignment using both visual feedback and received power indicators Fast deployment License-free operation Remote management options Weatherproofing: IP66 Secure transmission Eyes safety Class 1M Chain multiple connections FSO Chaining for Non-Line-of-Sight and Higher Distance Communications The chaining of TereScope® FSO is required when the two sites are connected by more than one link using at least one additional building as a mid-point. When is Chaining Required? The chaining of TereScope® links is required in the following cases: When there is no direct line of sight between the sites When the distance between the sites is too long When the distance between the sites is reachable with one link but the customer wants much more power budget for higher reliability Backup Radio: Maximizing link availability under all weather conditions The TereScope® Fusion was designed to combine the best features of two transport media: laser light and radio waves, to form a single, seamless, wireless communication link between network devices. By leveraging both technologies, we can provide the 99.999% availability that your network requires.

The TereScope® Fusion has been specifically constructed to maximize link availability between network nodes. These systems use the internationally unlicensed 2.4 GHz ISM band and are used as a backup for a number of TereScope systems. TereScope Fusion systems have an optical wireless link that provides Fast Ethernet connectivity as the primary link and Ethernet RF as the backup link. These systems operate under most weather conditions, including heavy rain, snow and fog, to nearly 100% link availability. Ease of installation and freedom from licensing make these systems very simple to deploy. The Fusion built-in option exists for the TS5000, TS4000 and TS800 series. Add-on Fusion exist for the other models. Safety All TereScope® models are eye and skin safe at the aperture and comply with eye safety Class 1M. Network Management SNMP Management: TereScope® is fully managed by using the SNMP option. SNMP monitoring can be done via MegaVision Web®, MRVֽs SNMP Element Management web-based system or any other SNMP browser. Dry Contacts The TereScope® systems can be equipped with a dry contact option that enables interfacing to dry contacts based local and remote management and monitoring systems. End-to-End Networking The unique integration of high bandwidth with most secure FSO technology and end-to-end Ethernet/IP switches and routers enables the deployment of multi-site connectivity with in-building OptiSwitch Ethernet solutions and outdoor TereScope wireless connectivity with end-to-end MegaVision® Pro NMS integrated management. Heating All our midrange systems are equipped with our special internal air circulation feature, based on dissipation of the power supply heat. This prevents the formation of condensation on the lenses under all weather conditions without the need for additional heating at low temperatures. For the TS5000 and TS4000 models, an optional front window with the heating system can be ordered separately. We recommend this solution only for extremely adverse weather conditions such as heavy snow with strong wind or high humidity. For further info please consult your MRV representative.

In addition to incorporating all of the FSO advantages, our TereScope® systems offer unique integration of end-to-end networking solution (using MRV Ethernet solutions) and patented features including: Multiple transmitters to reduce scintillation, based on matrix transmission All-optics FSO – TereScope 1 (PAL) systems are all-optical, free of electronics and do not require any power source to provide optical wireless solutions Applications Enterprise connectivity Mesh networking Voice & Video connections Video & Entertainment Carrier Bypass Surveillance Government Temporary installation Cross Border Links Healthcare Fiber Backup Business Continuity