Crossmatrix is a leading supplier of copper and fiber optic cabling products with a special focus on providing high-performance cabling solutions to maximize efficiency for demanding environments. The right Copper connectivity is a vital piece in your entire solution, so getting this right is of the utmost importance. We pride ourselves on our technical expertise- you can trust us to offer you advice, guidance, and the best solutions at very competitive rates. Our knowledgeable staff will ensure that you are purchasing the right products to meet your needs.

Copper Cable

Crossmatrix can provide fast, flexible, secure and most of all reliable Copper connectivity Products to suit your business needs. Crossmatrix supply Cat6, Cat6a & Cat7 networking patch cables, both shielded, FTP, and unshielded in a choice of colors and lengths.

We Supply:

  • Cat 6, Cat 6A, Cat 7
  • Information Outlets
  • Jack Panels

Fiber Cable

Crossmatrix is a leading fiber optic cable supplier in India, which includes fiber optic cables and accessories. Crossmatrix also stocks a wide range of loose tube fiber, tactical fiber, and tight-buffered bulk fiber cable, 9/125 single-mode and 62.5/125,50/125 micron multimode (OM1, OM2, OM3 & OM4) fiber patch cords.

We Supply:

  • SingleMode – OS1, OS2
  • Multimode – OM1, OM2, OM3, OM4, OM5
  • MPO (Multi-fiber Push On)
  • Fiber optic patch cords/Pigtails
  • Fiber Adapters & connectors

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