Fiber Optic Cabling

We are experienced in the provision and installation of multiple fibers into high density switching environments, together with the termination and testing of long haul trunk links into switching distribution matrix, fox bays, and high-level distribution and containment.

Our fully trained engineering team are experienced in the installation of both multimode and single-mode fiber optic cables using our fusion splicing and direct termination equipment.

All installations are fully tested using light source and power loss meters and / or OTDR testers as appropriate. Test results make up part of the projects’ documentation pack.

  • Singlemode fibre (9/125µm)
  • Multimode fibre (62.5/125µm and 50/125µm)
  • Intra-building backbones
  • Campus-wide inter-building links
  • Fiber to the desk
  • Specialist termination services
  • Blown fiber

Our Clients