Smart Security Control

Video surveillance, or IP CCTV as it is sometimes known, for organizations is becoming commonplace, driven by increased public and private security concerns, as well as a technology shift. The transition to network video is a reality as customers take advantage of flexible, industry-standard systems for security and video surveillance. As security management over the IP network expands and intelligence capabilities move out to network cameras, systems can scale much more easily. This move to open systems empowers a much more productive and cost-effective means of surveillance than was ever possible.

Crossmatrix can deliver a tailored solution that delivers the following benefits:

  • Superior image quality
  • Remote accessibility
  • Easy, future-proof integration
  • Scalability and flexibility
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Distributed intelligence

Crossmatrix designs install and maintain Access Control Systems for virtually every type of market, to keep your buildings, staff, and assets secure! Our expertise and installation proficiency meet our customer’s needs by solving problems and saving on service costs. All our solutions are cost-saving oriented.

Our security and identity management systems integrate access control, video surveillance, intrusion detection, smart cards, and biometrics. We believe in utilizing converged systems, to integrating physical and logical security. Our solutions enable organizations and individuals to secure their facilities, computers, and daily operations of the business.

Crossmatrix integrates access control and PhotoID badging. Our Solutions will be a  user-friendly system that can be integrated with other systems used by your organization, for both security management (i.e. CCTV / DVR systems). We allow organizations to control who goes where and when for efficient staff, contractor, and visitor management and provide reporting ability with a full audit trail of events.

Our Clients