Wireless Solutions

WLAN Design

Proper network design and deployment is critical to the overall success of a wireless LAN, and helps to avoid the cost of responding to outages and chronic end-user complaints. All wireless LANs have unique requirements and challenges such as RF obstructions, interference from the neighboring RF and Wi-Fi environment, not to mention important factors such as end-user density and application requirements. Cross Matrix gives you all the details to build the WLAN that fits your environment and your needs.Cross Matrix Reports lets you predict and model the new WLAN based on the unique characteristics and construction materials of your building, and Cross Matrix Survey Reports allows you to measure and map real-world coverage, user performance and account for the demands of wireless applications. Available separately, or integrated into a single seamless application, Cross Matrix Survey Planner Reports give you everything you need to use Wi-Fi intelligently.

WLAN Solutions


Strategic Wireless LAN Design

Design your WLAN infrastructure from the ground up. Determine the correct number, placement and configuration of APs required to deliver full coverage for all end users.


Cross Matrix Reports makes it easy to build a detailed model of any Wi-Fi environment. Simply load in a map of your location, and use the built-in library of walls, doors and windows or specify your own custom materials to precisely match the building’s characteristics.

Wi-Fi Deployment Solutions

Whether deploying a new 802.11n network, or integrating 802.11n technology into an existing infrastructure, Cross Matrix provided solutions are critical for measuring the impact of 802.11n, modeling deployment scenarios, and optimizing ongoing security and performance management. Cross Matrix helps organizations effectively deploy 802.11n networks by offering the only independent view of the access points, client and surrounding environment.

Cross Matrix addresses two universal challenges facing 802.11n deployments

  • how to get true 11n performance versus theory
  • how to phase 11n gear into an established WLAN without doing a forklift upgrade or experience conflicts that rob the network of performance.

Cross Matrix Helps organizations to overcome 802.11n challenges by:

  • Educating the user on 802.11n technology
  • Modeling deployments and the impact 802.11n will have on the network
  • Optimizing the network once deployed to ensure security, performance and reliability